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Best Parma in Yarra Valley and Dandenong ranges

Before we get to the search of the best parma in Yarra Valley and Dandenong ranges I have the most important questions for you all? Parma or Parmi??? That is one hell of a debate when it comes to the famous parmigiana. At some point, I really believe this will be the national dish of Australia hahahhah. This dish is so popular and served in any pub around the corner and definitely a comfort food for many Australians.

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges9

I was approached by Yarra ranges tourism to visit one of the venues that have been listed on the best parma competition, So I decided to visit Micawber tavern to taste their Aussi pub classic “THE PARMA”

Best Parma

The pub itself is beautiful and is situated in Belgrave, This pub design is like a very English cottage type look with colourful lanterns hanging off the ceiling. What impressed me more was how hospitable the staff was, they were very helpful and served with a smile.

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges11 400x600 1
Beer at Micawber tavern

What impressed me, even more, was the extensive range of parmas available in this pub. Just imagine all your favourites built into a parma? how cool is that?

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges1 450x300 1
Micawber tavern

They served from a classic parma to a veggie parma to a meat lovers parma and one for the spicy taste buds as well the chilli parma. You name it, they had it!!! I was blown away by all these options available. This was definitely a testament to how popular the parma is.

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges10 450x537 1
Parma, Gravy and chips

So by getting so tempted with the options available, I decided to give the chilli parma ago, of course wanted that bit of spicy hint and the meat lovers parma. Both parmas are served with chips and a choice of salad or vegeables.

Meat lovers Parma

It is made with BBQ sauce, bacon, grilled meatballs, ham and cheese. Ooouf that sounded like my kind of dish, totally up my alley and digging into the parma, the chicken was juicy and succulent but crispy on the outside and the flavours of the sweet BBQ sauce accompanied with the cheese was delicious. If I put it bluntly YUM YUM YUM!!!

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges2 450x323 1

Chilli parma

When I ordered this the lovely waitress did warn me about the spice level, but I was like ‘come on how spicy can it be’ ha hahaha well I was wrong, she was right it had a good amount of spice in it. Succulent and juicy chicken crumbed with a crispy crumb topped with a spicy homemade chilli sauce and Napoli, smoked leg ham and melting cheese. This was also right up my alley and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges8 450x323 1
Chilli Parma

So if you are looking for the best parma in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, you must definitely try Micawber tavern because I can vouch that you will be blown away just like I did.

Best Parma in Dandenong ranges4 450x627 1
Parmas at Micawber tavern

And with the hunt for the best parma of the Yarra Valley and Dandenong ranges, make sure you have your say in it by voting Micawber tavern here. ( Every entry will go into a draw to win a voucher valued at $250 to enjoy at your choice at the winning venue)

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