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Biang Biang Melbourne

Biang Biang Melbourne 1

Location : 419 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Budget : $15

Website :

Stars : 5/5

Do you want to eat in Melbourne for less than $15??? Well fam I got you covered
This little spot in Melbourne is super busy and makes the best freshly made hand-pulled noodles in Melbourne. They also serve beer, so definitely a perfect spot for a night out cheap dinner in the city. The seating space is limited, so make sure to grasp a seat first before placing the order.

Biang biang noodles Melbourne menu

I totally recommend the below dishes and definitely some of the best dishes on the menu

  • Biang biang noodles topped with chilli- I ordered the max spice level and I was able to handle the heat.
  • Biang biang noodles with beef- This also a bit spicy
  • Xi’an dumplings- comes with spicy sour broth
  • Rougamo with cumin beef- Cumin beef filled in a flakey pastry

Biang Biang noodles Melbourne should definitely be on your must-try restaurant lists if you want to try some of the best Chinese noodles in Melbourne.

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