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Boiling Crab Glen

Boiling Crab Glen

Location: Glen Waverly

Budget : $150-200


Stars: 5/5

Want to have an epic crab and seafood experience in Melbourne?
Look no further because has got you covered.

Their seafood is fresh and delicious. It comes cooked in a sauce and it is bloody delicious.
So this is how you order. The Boiling crab glen Waverly pricing is what I get asked often, Please note most of the seafood is priced at market price and depending on what you order the price will vary but my recommendation is to go with a group of people. So the bill can be shared and can have an epic experience. Most of the seafood needs to be ordered by LB

Boiling crab Glen Waverly menu

Step 1: Choose your seafood
Step 2: Choose your sauce
Step 3: choose the spice level

I ordered crabs, lobster, clams, mussels, shrimps, sides and a portion of hot wings.
Prices are reasonable when compared to a seafood restaurant.
You might spend depending on what you order around $150-200 for 2 people

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