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Best of Dubai

Best of Dubai

We did a stopover in Dubai when we were flying back to Melbourne from Greece. It was actually a good decision because we wanted to visit Dubai and it saves the cost of the air ticket to do a separate trip. I have been to Dubai twice before, but going back is totally worth it every single time.

We didn’t plan to do a lot of sightseeing, just wanted to relax and do a lot of shopping!!! OMG, I can write a whole page on shopping in Dubai.

Also the hotel we stayed had everything inside, so we didn’t have to move about too much

Cost: $4000 AUD

Days spend : 3 days and 2 nights

Place we stayed:

Atlantis The palm, Dubai

My recommendation is not to go in September because it’s summer in Dubai and summer in Dubai is very hot and humid. we couldn’t go to the man-made beach outside the hotel because it was just too hot and couldn’t enjoy the water world as well.

conclusion; don’t go in September if you want to do a lot of sightseeing.

Many desert safaris and restaurants close during summer. I wanted to go on a safari and have a traditional middle eastern dinner in a desert but it was all closed, so wasn’t able to do it.

Day 1

We arrived very early in the morning checked into our amazing hotel. I totally recommend booking this hotel, the prices are expensive and depends on the season but I loved it there.

We decided to go to Dubai Mall to do some shopping. We had a dinner reservation at the Ossiano the underwater restaurant in Atlantis hotel. If I can nominate one thing that you must do in your life is to eat at this amazing restaurant. The food was out of this world. we got a table just in front of the aquarium, you will need to request this in advance.

We got the ‘journey’ menu this was the journey of chef Gregoire ( Head chef) represented on the whole menu. Every dish had a story and we were able to experience his life journey through food. Words cannot describe how good this food was. When a chef or a restaurant is able to say the story with food, it is the biggest accomplishment that someone could have because at the end of the day cooking and food has no language, it’s a journey, it’s an emotion and it’s a feeling and being able to replicate that on a plate is extraordinary.

Day 2

We spend the day in the water world inside the Atlantis hotel. The lost world and the water slides were amazing and quite scary. It was 40 degrees in Dubai. Later in the night, we decided to have a simple middle eastern dinner.
Dubai is amazing and the food in every restaurant in Atlantis has been outstanding, the service and the ambience in the hotel was really good.
My husband didn’t like it when I booked Dubai for a short stay but after this experience, he loves Dubai more than I do. We will definitely be back to Dubai and to Atlantis. unfortunately, 2 days was not enough to explore Dubai.

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