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Homemade Greek Loukoumades Recipe

Have you tired Loukoumades? This is basically Greek donuts drenched in sugar syrup. The first time I had these were in the streets of Athens in Greece. These little fluffy balls only need 3 ingredients to make. Quick and easy flavour bombs.


Perfect cheat donuts, you don’t need to prove the dough twice unlike regular donuts which makes it so convenient.

Loukoumades ingredients/ What are Loukoumades made of?

These donuts only require 3 ingredients and they don’t have to be kneaded. flour, yeast & milk mix together will be sufficient.

Loukoumades syrup

These are traditionally soaked in a honey syrup, I will be using a sugar syrup in this recipe, mixed with cardamom for an absolute flavour burst

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Where do Loukoumades come from/Origin

It’s origin is from Greece and they are basically the greek version of a donut

Can you make Loukoumades in advance

Yes, it can be done in advance. Loukoumades best made ‘a la minute’ which means you enjoy it straight away, But you can fry them ahead of time and reheat in the oven, just to crisp them up and just before serving, soak them in sugar syrup.

Loukoumades10 450x300 1

Can you reheat Loukoumades?

Reheat in the oven at 180C for 10 minutes, just to crisp them up, Reheating after it has been soaked in sugar syrup will not give the best results.

What toppings can be added for Loukoumades?

Honey syrup
Sugar syrup
Chocolate sauce (Ganache)
Pistachio (Chopped)
Cashews (Chopped)

Can Loukoumades be filled?

When I was in Athens and enjoyed these greek donuts, they were filled with different fillings, such as custard or Nutella. But I don’t believe this is traditionally done this way. But there is no harm in filling them as it will be extra delicious, just pipe the filling you wish inside these greek donuts

Is Loukoumades meant to be crispy?

Loukoumades8 150x150 1

It is crispy, but after soaking in sugar syrup it get a bit soggy, but if you dont want to get it too soggy, you can simply pour the sugar syrup on top before serving, but remember, the dough doesnt have sugar in it, so the soaking process is the only way it absorbs sugar into it, thus I would recommend to soak them rather than drizzling on top.

How to get Loukamades that are Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside?

Loukoumades9 150x150 1

It’s all about the rising of the dough, it is very essential that the dough is given plenty of time to rise and also mixing the yeast in warm milk first and allowing it to rest for 10 minutes before incorporating it into the flour is absolutely essential for this recipe.
When the dough rises it becomes very aerated and fluffy, this, in turn, will help the donuts to be airy and fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside once fried.

How to fry loukamades?

The best is to pipe them and using scissors to cut them while piping it to the hot oil, this will help to get beautiful round shapes, but if you don’t have a piping bag you can also scoop it using two spoons. Remember it is very important to apply oil inside the piping bag, spoons and scissors as the dough is very sticky and this will help to work with the dough easily.

You can also try my donuts recipe.

Loukoumades recipe video

Step by step recipe on how to make homemade greek loukoumades recipe


Homemade Greek Loukoumades Recipe

Greek donuts drenched in sugar syrup and covered in chocolate ganache
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Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Servings: 2 people


Donut Dough

  • 250 g All purpose Flour
  • 250 g Milk Warm
  • 7 g Yeast

Sugar Syrup

  • 1 cup Sugar White caster sugar
  • 1 cup Water tap water
  • 5 Cardomom pods


  • 117 g Dark chocolate Cooking chocolate chopped
  • 1/2 cup Cream Thick cream, whipping cream


Donut dough

  • Warm the milk in a microwave and add yeast into it and leave aside until it froths
  • Mix together flour and the warm milk using a rubber spatula or a spoon. ( This does not have to be kneaded, it just need to be mixed well)
  • Cover with a cling wrap and leave aside until it doubles in size.
  • Heat a pot of oil
  • Once the dough has doubled in size add the dough into a piping bag
  • Once the oil is heated pipe the dough into the oil directly, use a pair of metal scissors to cut the dough( plunge the metal part of the scissors in the hot oil when it starts to get sticky
  • Cook it until it has a golden brown colour then flip and cook the other side
  • Once cook drain it onto a paper towel and let it cool

Sugar Syrup

  • Combin Water, sugar and cardamom pods cook on a low fire for 5 mins until it reduces to a sugar syrup consistency

Chocolate ganache

  • Microwave the cream until its hot
  • Add in the chocolate into the hot milk and stir well until fully incorporated and chocolate has dissolved


  • Once the Donuts are cool, plunge it in the sugar syrup and let it rest for 2 minutes
  • Take it out the sugar syrup and pour the chocolate ganache over it and serve


Did you make this recipe?

I love hearing how you went with my recipes! Tag me on Instagram at @food_voyageur.
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    Thanks For Sharing this amazing recipe. My family loved it. I will be sharing this recipe with my friends. Hope the will like it.

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