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Macaron Recipe Easy

Macaron recipe is a dish very close to my heart because this is a recipe that I have got from the time I was in France in fact it is the best recipe that you will come across and I am about to tell you how to get perfect macarons without failing at all. 

Macaron Recipe14

Should macarons be crunchy? The texture of the macaron is crunchy on the outside but the marshmallow-like texture is in the middle. They are meant to melt in your mouth. But be aware as this is not the type of macaron you have tasted.

If you want to taste good macarons you need to visit France and if you can visit the ‘la Duree’ shop in France you will know what a good macaron taste like. But anywhere in France, you will find good macarons, and trust me you will definitely understand that it is different to the ones you taste here in Australia or anywhere in the world for that matter.

People here in Australia like to make them tough and I will tell you why they make them tough because it is easier to transport, easier to store and has a better shelf life and that is wrong!!! you can browse anywhere on the internet but you will not come across this recipe that I am about to give you and that’s because this is a traditional french recipe that I am sharing with you.

Macarons for beginners


Are macarons hard to make? Yes, and No, It has a particular technique and you cannot rush or shorten the process, you must follow the step by step recipe. No shortcuts!!! Follow my recipe to a T. Read this blog carefully, and I can guarantee you will have the best macarons and you will find that macarons are easy to make. You will find my recipe is more technical than many recipes out on the internet and everything is in exact grammage. Please use the grammage specified and have the technical equipment ready with you, as it is very important that you have proper tools to make this.

As I said I carry my recipe from France and this recipe is the french method of making macarons. So it will be a bit technical than other recipes but worth every single bite.

Macarons ingredients

Macaron recipe ingredients
Macaron recipe ingredients

How to make macarons

Macaron recipe
Macaron recipe

Macarons filling

There are many fillings that can go into a macaron, In France, the most commonly used filling was the fruit jelly, which again is very technical to make but you can use any filling as you wish.

Macaron Flavors

There are many macaron flavours the macarons will be the same base recipe, you can add any colouring to give it a differentiated look for each flavour, for example, pistachio flavour will have green coloured macaron shells, strawberry will have pink colour macaron shells etc…what makes it different flavours are the filling that goes inside, but for chocolate macarons it is different, you actually do add cocoa powder into the macarons.

The essential equipment needed to make macarons

I have linked the equipment I use below, which is through amazon

How to store macarons

Let me get one thing straight macarons are not stored in a fridge they are stored at room temperature and In France, we never make macrons enough for a week. We make macrons today to serve tomorrow. It only has a one-day shelf life because after a couple of days the texture of the macarons will not be the same. Macarons can be kept overnight in a cool dry place, macarons sit out.

Can macarons be kept in the fridge?

Yes, you can refrigerate macarons but that’s not a good practice, it is done to keep it for a long time, the texture won’t be the same after being kept in the fridge, but you can definitely store it in the fridge.

Macaron recipe

The best way to do this is, to keep the macaron shells covered in an airtight container overnight without filling them, once ready to serve then assemble them with the filling. But do not fill the macarons until you need it

Macarons will not melt or go bad if you keep them outside but make sure you keep them outside without filling them

Do macarons freeze well?

Yes they do and then again only the tarte shell not the filling

Macarons should be eaten at room temperature and not cold from the fridge as sold in the supermarket nowadays

How to pipe macarons

Macaron Recipe7 840x1024 2

Macaron Recipe8 948x1024 2

It is important to note even if you are a pro in baking, it is hard to get the piping done well. ‘Silpat'( Silicon mat) has come up with a mat that is specifically designed for macarons. But if you really need to you also can use baking paper and draw circles and turn it around and pipe on the rounds. The reason why we need to turn around is that the pen mark will stick into the macarons hence why it is important to turn it around. I love silpats, they make baking very easy and easy to remove as well.

Why macarons fail

Why do macarons crack?

The reason why macarons crack is very scientific but in very easy terms it is because it hasn’t rested before putting in the oven and formed a hard coating. It is a MUST to rest macarons after piping prior to baking them. This will allow the outer part to harden on the top and if you touch it after one hour, you will see it has got firm.

What happens when it is not rested is, that the heat in the inside part of the macaron tries to come out and that’s why macarons crack on top but when it hardens it gives that perfect distribution of heat to cook and have that desired texture of marshmallowy like texture inside.

Not blending and seiving 3 times

I can’t tell you enough, this is important, trust me I have skipped this step because I wanted to rush this process but it will fail. Trust me I tried it. why is it important to do this is because in order for the macarons to be soft it needs to have soft ingredients, you will find, every time you sift it, there will be discards. It is important that the macaron mixture is as soft as possible.

How to make macarons

Macaron Recipe9 768x816 1
Macaron recipe

Should macarons be baked in a convection oven

Yes, it should be, We used commercial ovens which were hard to regulate. Use conventional oven not fan-forced. Fan-force oven settings will give you harder macarons. So use conventional oven settings. Macaron oven temperature needs to be at 140C (conventional oven settings)

Are macarons and macaroons the same thing?

Macarons vs Macaroons, this is a million-dollar question. No, it is not, it looks the same shape but it is the main ingredient that makes it different macaron is made with almond powder whereas macaroons are made with shredded coconut

Where do macarons come from

I like to think It was originated in France because this French delicacy is definitely a work of art but some argue that it did not originate from France. well, I don’t believe the origins of the macaron needs to be debated when sinking your teeth into these soft and chewy macarons.

You can also check my other dessert recipes here.

Step by step guide on how to make

Macaron Recipe14

Macaron Recipe Easy

Delicate macarons filled with buttercream
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 12 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Servings: 10 people


  • Cake mixer


  • 162 g Icing sugar
  • 87 g Almond powder/meal
  • 45 g Egg white
  • 37 g Water
  • 125 g White sugar (Caster sugar)
  • 45 g Egg white
  • drop Food colouring


  • Firstly measure almond powder, icing sugar to a bowl, place it in a food processor and blend for 30 seconds until well blitz, sieve the mix and discard the large particles. Repeat this process 3 times.
  • Place the well-sieved almond powder and icing sugar mix into a large bowl, add egg white and mix well with a rubber spatula to make a paste


  • In a small bowl place the sugar, water and bring to a boil. The temperature must hit 117C. Once it reaches the temperature take it off the fire
    When bringing the temperature up to 116c use a wet brush around the pan so the sugar will not crystallise on the side.
  • In a cake mixing bowl with the whisk attachment, place the second batch of egg whites and whisk until soft peak, then slowly pour the sugar syrup from the corner of the mixing bowl while whisking it
    It is important not to stop whisking at this stage also pour it gently and slowly and not all at once. This will make sure the eggs will not curdle or cook
  • Let the whisk run for 10 minutes or until the mixture is cooled down.
    This step is very important, when you touch the outsides of the mixing bowl it is important that the mixing bowl is cooled down and not hot to touch
  • Gently incorporate the whisked egg white ( Meringues) into the almond mix and fold it gently until well incorporated
  • Add in the desired food colouring and make sure it is well incorporated
  • Once done, using a round nozzle, pipe the macarons into a silicone mat or baking paper leaving about 1cm distance in between.
    See the above blog post for more tips on how to pipe
  • Let it rest for one hour. In the meantime, pre-heat your oven to 140C conventional oven.
  • Bake for 6 mins on one side then turn the tray and bake for 6 minutes. 12 minutes in total, take it out and let it cool down completely before removing them from the tray.
  • Fill it with vanilla buttercream or any other filling of your choice and serve it


Did you make this recipe?

I love hearing how you went with my recipes! Tag me on Instagram at @food_voyageur.
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