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Food voyageur canapes perfectly suit when you are having a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, or just a casual Sunday get-together with your friends and family. We can provide you with luxurious high-class french style canapes.

Can Food Voyageur do any custom special canapes?

Yes we love to do special custom canapes for our customers, all you have to do is just contact us and let us know your request, you are just one click away.

Delivery Options

We are located in Officer Victoria 3809.  You can simply place the order and do a pickup or let us do the delivery to your location.

Does Food Voyageur do interstate delivery?

Yes, Only for Sri Lankan Love cake, Sri Lankan Christmas cake, and Sri Lankan Wedding cake

Perfect Occasions

  • Birthday
  • Kids party
  • Tea time
  • Anniversary
  • Bridal shower
  • Baby shower

What are the best paring dishes for canapes

Why should I buy Food Voyageur products?

I am French-trained, globally traveled, and worked ex-chef, I give value for money and use the best ingredients in the market and also I have provided hundreds of foolproof free recipes on my blog.

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