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Quick Day Trip To Twelve Apostles

twelve apostles

Melbourne is such a great state because we can travel to many different areas without doing much planning. This was a last-minute planned trip to the twelve apostles. If the twelve apostles are not on your bucket list then it definitely should be on your list, read more to find out why.

OK, so we decided the day before, we wanted to go somewhere for the weekend, we went on a one-day road trip via the great ocean road to the twelve apostles.

How long does it take to get to the twelve apostles?

Great Ocean Road 10 225x300 1

We left at 5 a.m which was the best time to leave as there was not much of traffic and the whole journey takes around 4.5 hours from the eastern suburbs.

Where to have breakfast on our way to the twelve apostles?

Great Ocean Road 11 225x300 1

We drove straight to the Geelong waterfront, where we had a picnic breakfast at the Geelong pier. It was so peaceful the view was amazing that early in the morning.

How to take the great ocean road to the twelve apostles?

Great Ocean Road 7 225x300 1

Then from Geelong, you would fall on to the great ocean road. You can take the inroad which is faster or the scenic great ocean road which is longer and has so many bends and turns which makes you quite sick and nausea but the drive is beautiful.
we decided to take the scenic route then soon realised that it was hard to drive with all the bends and turns, so diverted to the inroads and continued our journey.

Can you do the great Ocean road and twelve apostles in one day?

If you want to take the scenic route, I suggest it’s best to stay overnight in Lorne, because it will be a tiring ride. but if you plan to do a one day trip then, it’s better to take the inland route (princess highway) because it’s definitely faster.
We finally reached the twelve apostles, the 5-hour drive was so worth the view. although you cannot see all 12 apostles now, it was a definitely very Instagram worthy.

What to do at the twelve apostles?

Great Ocean Road 6 225x300 1

The main attraction is the twelve apostles, spend at least one hour here absorbing the view and taking Instagram worthy pictures. Then head to the Loch Ard Gorge bridge, just a 3-minute drive from the twelve apostles. There is a great history of the iconic location and its shipwreck. there are also stairs to go down to the beach and relax.
I am afraid that is all you will be able to do in a one day trip But that was definitely the main two attractions. Leaving some time to have lunch and to do a quick stopover at the famous great ocean road chocolaterie

Where to have lunch when visiting the 12 apostles?

Great Ocean Road 9 225x300 1

On our way back, we had lunch at the Forrest Brewery, one thing that you definitely must do is visit this brewery as it was a good spot to have lunch and do a beer tasting. they had a 12 shot beer tasting paddle which had some amazing flavours, make sure to book in advance, if not you will not get a seat at this restaurant.

On our way back we also stopped at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery to satisfy our sweet cravings & have a cup of coffee. All in all, it was a great trip and a well worth journey.

Did you visit the 12 apostles and did you take the great ocean road? did you do it as a day trip or overnight stay? comment below, love to hear your adventures.

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