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Visit Fiji

Visit Fiji if you want terrific blue pristine beaches, relaxation, warm hospitality and cocktails, and sun. When we booked this holiday the only countries open to Australians were Fiji, Europe, and the USA. We wanted to travel to Bali this year but since Bali wasn’t open when we booked this trip we decided to lock in Fiji, because we have never travelled to Fiji and we heard really great things about Fiji. And I am so glad I did. Fiji was pure happiness and felt like home. And that’s their slogan Welcome home!!! And honestly, from the moment you land that’s what you will feel.

visit figi

why you should visit Fiji

Fiji has the main island and 333 islands. I wanted to experience a bit of everything so we stayed at a few places. The trip we did because we didn’t stay in one place for more than 2 nights, it is expensive but there are so many deals if you stay in one resort for 7 days you can grab a good bargain. But we spent $15,000 total for everything including airfares.

Visit Fiji1
Vomo Hotel

How to get to Fiji

2 airlines fly to Fiji from Melbourne, and I believe from all over Australia.

We flew Fiji Airways for a few reasons, one was the timing, you get down from Fiji at 8.30 pm and the flight is shorter and also cheaper on Fiji airways

Once you land in Fiji, you land in Nadi which is the main island.

Visit Fiji4
Fiji Airways

Where to stay in Nadi

1st night and the night before our flight we stayed in Mercure Nadi. Which is not a five-star hotel but very close to the airport. We just wanted to sleep the night and the hospitality in the Mercure was just amazing we also had dinner when we arrived and breakfast was included in the good rate. the food was good at Mercure and book this place when you arrive and the night before you fly as this is convenient. We also stayed for 2 nights the nights before we travelled back to Melbourne as the flight was at 8 a.m to travel back.

Marriot Momi bay

This is about 40 mins by taxi to get to Marriot Momi bay and we loved the resort. The resort itself is huge and has around 5 different restaurants to dine at. They have activities planned for each day? Torch lighting ceremony. Sunset adults-only pool. So many payable water activities. we did the jet ski which was around $300 additional for 2 people. There are also many other water activities to choose from.

What to do when in Nadi

Siri siva subraniyam temple

This is the largest temple in south-east Asia. it is a beautiful big temple. the entrance is $5FJD, you will need to wear a sarong if wearing shorts to enter this temple

Siri siva subraniyam temple
Siri siva subraniyam temple

Sleeping giant garden

The sleeping giant garden is a small hike, with so many flowers and plants. The view from the top is meant to be beautiful. We only did halfway because it started raining. Once you come back they give you a soft drink to cool down. The entrance fee is FJD 25 per person

Sleeping giant garden
Sleeping giant garden


This was my first time trying the zipline. It has 7 ziplines. It was quite the adrenaline and you can also spend time at the waterfall underneath. The fee for the zipline is 100FJD

Fiji Zipline
Fiji Zipline

Eco Trax

We couldn’t do Eco Trax as it was fully booked, so book this in advance before going and also you don’t have to pay until you get there. It is an electric bike track that takes you through amazing scenery and a stopover by the beach

Cloud 9 Fiji

Cloud 9 Fiji is basically a restaurant and bar in the middle of the ocean. We went to cloud 9 from Nadi. The ticket includes pick up and drop off from the hotel and also the boat trip to cloud 9 Fiji. The boat trip is at 9 a.m so we were picked up from the hotel at 7.45 am and we get to stay at cloud 9 Fiji until 2 p.m

There is also an evening ticket from 2 pm to 6 pm. I honestly preferred the morning ticket. because it was clean and not much of a crowd, the evening ticket will definitely be for you if you want to party.

Cloud 9 Fiji
Cloud 9 Fiji

How to get around Nadi

Tours are quite expensive. we got a good taxi driver and he offered to take us to all the attractions for a fee and to drive us around. so if you can find a taxi driver to be your private chauffer that will be the cheapest option. but be careful as some may overcharge or even worse not turn up at all. We booked a taxi on the last day to go to the airport and he never turned up. so be careful as well.

Visit Fiji islands

Fiji has 333 islands, so picking which islands to go to can be quite overwhelming. I only went to two islands one is likuliku and the other one is Vomo. I originally booked Tadrai but they canceled my booking at the last minute and I will not recommend either Tadrai or likuliku because it is not worth the money you spend.

Vomo Island

It is the best resort I stayed at is vomo island and will recommend it with the highest confidence. It is so well planned everything is included except alcohol.
Mini bar, nonAlcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, all meals, and activities everything included in the rate.
Everything was perfect and I can’t recommend it highly enough. every Wednesday they have something called management cocktails where all the hotel managers come and mingle with the guests and offer free-flowing cocktails and canapes. This is also followed by the traditional meke and cava ceremony. A traditional drinking and dancing ceremony in Fiji

How to transfer between islands

So this was a huge mistake done on my end, I didn’t properly check how I can transfer between the islands and ended up paying AUD 600 to transfer between likuliku and Vomo. because I had to book a water taxi. There are a few water taxi services, enquire the resort which one is the best options. if not you can also use a helicopter transfer.

How to get to the islands

South sea cruises operate every day. It is a cruise line to the islands. And it stops by at every resort. When I say they stop by every resort. They stop in the middle of the ocean and the resort water taxi comes into the middle of the sea and picks you up. Once you provide all your details to the resort. they are very well aware of your pickups and will do the needful. You can also transfer between islands using South sea cruises. Check their routes and timetables to check if they transfer between the resorts if not you will end up paying a large sum of money for a water taxi.

best time to visit Fiji

I researched a lot about this and it is just like on the gold coast the best time to visit is the winter months here in Australia April to October. I went during April and it rained a couple of days. The best time to visit Fiji for good weather will be May to August

Will you be visiting Fiji Soon? Let me know if you are and how was your experience in Fiji?

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