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About Food Voyageur

Hi, My name Rachi. let me tell you a bit about me, I am the chef, photographer, recipe developer, videographer and the list goes on and on behind Food Voyageur.

Food Voyageur Mission

My cooking blog focuses on recipes that you can count on and everyday low budget meals. Occasionally I let my creative side unleash and I do some fancy cooking, well that is if you really like to show off some culinary skills to your family or guests.

What you will find on my blog


We all have a busy lifestyle, so my main goal is to do quick recipes. Now I will also have the traditional French croissants, yes it takes 3 days!!! But who doesn’t love pastry wrapped in butter, 3 days is worth the effort trust me.

You don’t need the whole supermarket in your pantry to make dishes, you just need basic ingredients

Packed full of flavor;
I am often called the flavor queen, and you can always rely on that.

Now you will wonder if I will give you Sri Lankan Recipes?

I will but it will not be authentic Sri Lankan recipes, honestly, I go to the Sri Lankan grocery store once a month and thinking about my followers, I want them to be able to cook dishes with ingredients available in regular supermarkets. It will not be 100% authentic but it will be bloody delicious.

You will also find travel inspirations in my blog: Click here

Did I mention before that I am a travel addict!!! I would rather travel than buy a new car 🙂

You will also find where to dine in Australia and Sri Lanka:

I am the biggest food critique and I always believe people need to be educated as to where to find good food.

Food Voyageur Journey

I have always been involved in food, from the time I was small and always wanted to be in the food industry. I was fortunate enough to be born to one of the culinary guru’s in Sri Lanka. My dad, Rohan Fernandopulle, was a chef by profession all his life but is now a general manager and chairman in a five-star hotel in Sri Lanka.

Fun fact: The first job at Hilton Colombo, I had to work under my father (Rohan Fernandopulle) and trust me it really didn’t help us bond as father and daughter 🙂

I am originally from Sri Lanka but at the age of 18, I left my home country to pursue a career in hospitality.

I left for France to do my bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy and Culinary arts in one of the most famous hotel school, Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon, which is where I really learnt the true art of cooking. From there I travelled the world learning and training under the best chefs and best restaurants in the world where I learnt so many cuisines and flavours that I carry with me today.

My final destination was Australia, I live in beautiful not so sunny Melbourne, but I call Melbourne my home now.

I work as a full-time Product Developer in the retail sector and I have also completed my MBA (it’s not very often you find someone with a chef background, who has done both a bachelors & an MBA) What’s next? PhD???? hahaha hahaha, I don’t think so 🙂

I run my blog as a part-time operation, honestly, I work full time on weekends and late nights to make this blog a reality. Maybe one day I will be a full-time blogger, but for now, I will juggle it all 🙂

The reason behind the brand Food Voyageur?

Food Voyageur was born as a result of me wanting to help everyday cooks prepare easy and simple recipes!!! Cooking does not have to be rocket science, it needs to be enjoyed.

So what you will find in my blog is simple, flavorful everyday meals that are so simple to recreate, because I will teach you simple tricks to elevate your everyday cooking or how to get maximum flavour with limited ingredients.

I Develop my own recipes either recipes that I have carried while I was working as a chef or from my hotel school in France or through trial and error.
Because of my background and experience and not forgetting travel, I am able to recreate any type of cuisine and flavours.

I truly love what I do and I cannot imagine anything else that I would rather do.

I will always respond to you, so drop me an email, contact me through social media, I am always here to help.

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