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Maha-Melbourne’s best Middle Eastern Restaurant


Date Visited: 14th Of February 2020

Maha is an amazing restaurant that is situated in Melbourne CBD, you cannot miss the restaurant as it has a glass door with its signature logo on it. The restaurant itself is quite small. We booked a table for valentines day, which served the restaurant menu as per normal. But it had two seatings and we got a seat at the bar as it was fully booked, as you can imagine valentines day gets quite busy in Australia. This restaurant gets fully booked easily, so make sure to book in advance.

Ok, when it comes to restaurant bookings, I need to confess I always take charge, because I do my research and I want to pick the best restaurants to dine in. Life is too short to eat at mediocre restaurants. So for every valentine’s day, I book the restaurant and my husband doesn’t really care about it because he knows, I am fussy and picky about it. He sends me flowers, and that all I want 🙂 I told you I am quite the princess.

Maha.3 1

Best Middle Eastern restaurant to dine in Melbourne?

I would definitely recommend Maha, for a good middle eastern feast that is not traditional Middle Eastern food but the flavours are authentic and the cuisine is Middle Eastern fusion.

Cost to dine at Maha?

Cost: 6-course meal with alcoholic beverages for 2 people $300

6-course meal at $115 per person that’s what we had and I highly recommend this menu option as there was plenty of food and a great variety and the best of everything. we upgraded the menu to have the Wagu beef manti option as well.

They also offer a 4-course meal for $90 and an 8-course meal for $140.
the way their menu works is all the menus have the same dishes but there is 2 additional dishes on the 8-course menu.

Overall loved the food, concept cocktails and service. Definitely a must-try restaurant in Melbourne and it deserves to be on my top 10 recommendations of, where to dine in Melbourne.

Food was amazing and generous portion sizes. It is a must-try for middle eastern fusion cuisine. Cocktails were inspired by middle eastern flavours too.


Maha restaurant 6 course menu

1st Course: Middle eastern mezze
2nd Course: Charred leeks with spanner crabs and garlic muhallabieh
3rd Course: BBQ Corn, fermented garlic, roast chicken and slow-cooked egg
4th Course: Wagyu manti and sujuk
5th Course: 12-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder, Lebanese zucchini and rice pilaf
6th Course: White chocolate and yogurt mousse with arack and strawberry ice

Did you dine at Maha? love to hear your thoughts? Will you recommend it to others? let me know what you think?

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